Monday, May 4, 2015

Kayak Fisherman
This photo shows the environment of a kayaker in the water on a still day. I am using this in addition to the other environmental portrait for inspiration on my reshoot of my life photograph.

Life Photo Reshoot Inspiration

This photo is awesome to me. It's an environmental portrait which reminds me of life as we know it...Candid and natural. I want to use this concept in my reshoot of "life", a photo assignment for class.

Cabela's Advertisement

This ad by Cabela's has strong text, and a filled up composition. It is what I referred to to help me create a mock advertisement for class involving wildlife conservation. I used the small logo and big text.

Untitled by Sudipto Das

This photo is by Sudipto Das and was awarded Best Outdoor Photograph by Daily Mail UK. It shows a pack of camels led by a man who has an image of wisdom and leadership in this photo. The warm color represents the sun at eye level, setting and ending a presumably long day.Winner: This picture by Sudipto Das, from West Bengal, entitled Homebound scooped the top award in the Great Outdoors photography competition

Vietnam by Hoang Hiep Nguyen

This photograph was taken and edited by Hoang Hiep Nguyen in Vietnam and was named best photographer of 2013 by Sony. It looks like a beautiful painting which is why it's more than just a photograph...It's art.Nguyen Hoang Hiep

Ancient Temple of the War by Liu Yi

This was shot by Liu Yi in China and shows a worker smiling despite his gloomy surroundings. The shot shows emotion and is strong with the temple entrance framing him.古祠之殇 © 刘奕  (Chine)

Knurled Juniper by Brice Herbert

This photo is by Brice Herbert and is called "Knurled Juniper". It really shows the importance of contrast and demonstrates proper blacks, whites, and neutrals.